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Work Experience

11/04 - Present

Freelance Digital Artist, Cologne, Rhein-Neckar Area & Montreal

    • Title design and visual effects for feature films and TV series
    • Video editing
    • Webdesign

04/03 - 10/04

Das Werk, Cologne

  • Visual Effects Supervisor, HD Supervisor, Inhouse Producer

    • Design of HD postproduction environment for commercial and feature film workflow.
    • Visual Effects Supervisor and digital artist for TV Movies. Postproduction Supervision for feature films, TV Series and commercials.
    • Co-managed the integration of another Postproduction company into the Das Werk Group.

06/01 - 04/03

Aquest, Cologne

  • Online Video Editor, Visual Effects Operator & Graphik Designer , System Administrator

    • Titledesign for the second season of the german version of "The Mole"
    • Titledesign and visual effects for feature films and TV series
    • Video editing
    • Created, maintained and managed company website

06/00 - 06/01

Visual Territory FX, Cologne

  • Digital artist, assistant visual effects supervisor, system administrator

    • Visual Effects for feature films and TV series
    • worked on Budgets, Visual Effect Breakdowns, quality ontrol of final shots, documentation
    • created, maintained and managed company website

07/94 - 07/97

Rhein-Neckar-Fernsehen, Mannheim

    • Production manager

09/97 - 06/00

GMD - German Research Center for Information Technology, St. Augustin, Germany (today part of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft)

    • Media Designer Audio & Video
    • Detailed training as camera operator, editor, on studio operations and media design.
    • Marketing and bookkeeping in cooperation with the Chamber of commerce, Cologne.
    • Major: 2D Animation / Editing / Multimedia
    • Digital compositing
    • Film restauration
    • Webdesign & interactive authoring (DVD, Presentations, etc)
    • On-Set Supervision
    • Production management
Software Package Proficiency
    • Adobe CS3 Photoshop, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator
    • Avid Media Composer
    • Avid Nitris DS
    • Final Cut Studio
    • Coda
    • Autodesk Combustion and basic Flame/Inferno knowledge
    • various other production tools
    • QuickTime Pro
    • Windows XP, MacOS X
    • Microsoft Word und Excel
Additional Skills
    • Good communication skills
    • Proficient in German, English and French